Seller (and buyer) feedback

If you've purchased anything from me on Serasell (EDIT: NOW SMCOLLECTOR) or Garage Sale Japan (or if I have bought from you and you'd like to comment), please feel free to leave me feedback for other users to view. Thanks!

Sailor Moon WISHLIST!

Any help in finding these items, or if you are selling them, would be awesome! Please feel free to contact me by comment, PM, or in one of the communities.

I claim no ownership to these images, the rights remain to their rightful creators and website domains. If you see your image and would like me to take it down, please let me know.

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I also really love FABRICS, CERAMICS, LUNA-P items, and my favorite scouts are Jupiter, Neptune, and Chibiusa. Wicked Lady items are always of interest and NAKAYOSHI ANNIVERSARY ITEMS!!!

Manga series for sale

All manga are in English and in very good condition to brand new. I take the outmost care of my manga and the majority of the manga is purchased directly from the book/comics stores by me.

100% Perfect Girl 1-11 COMPLETE OOP  SOLD
Me & My Brothers 1-11 COMPLETE SOLD
Oresama Teacher 1-13 SOLD
My Girlfriend's a Geek volume 1
Kobato volume 3
Honey Hunt 1 & 2
Black Bird 1-14

I'm an avid manga reader so this list will always be changing as there is not enough room in my tiny apartment for all of my manga series so I have to make sure for other growing series. Thanks!

Sailor Moon Items For Sale

All of these items are for sale! They come from an adult collector home and have either been displayed in a glass case or stored safely in bins. I try to take very good care of my items and describe their condition as best as I can. Prices listed on these do not include shipping. Please include your zip code for a shipping quote when placing an order. I am willing to ship internationally provided positive feedback from reliable sources and an understanding about the shipping costs. Thanks! ^___^

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Please leave me a message if you are interested in any of them so we can work out a quote and help these collectibles find a new home! :)

DX Mini Musical Inners: Project Reroot Complete!

Almost 3 years ago I spent many pennies to get the DX Mini Musical Doll sets. After winning the auction for my inner set, I had proceeded to ask the seller to please describe the state of Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter's hair because her pictures were not very clear. The seller decided to UNSEAL the box and then TOUCH the dolls and OFF WENT ALL OF THE HAIR ON MARS!!! >.<; MEEEHHHH!!! Needless to say, I still had to pay for them. I was not sure what to do with my dolls once they arrived so I inquired on the sailor moon community about rerooting (maybe a year and a half ago). I was directed to a person by Chelseacandy, who she had previously worked with for other comissions. The rerooter and I tried to work out everything in time before I had left for China last year, but it just became too much to cordinate. I decided I would contact her once again when I returned the U.S.

I know a few other Sailor Moon collectors were curious about how my dolls would turn out from my previous posts inquiring about the dool rerooting. Well, FINALLY it is done and I received the girls back today. BOY, DO THEY LOOK GREAT!!!

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A lot of people commented on my previous post that was in SMCollector when I was wondering if anyone had commissioned some custom bags with blue PGSM fabric from a user who goes by the name of SidneySwank on deviant art and also TeenaBee on Etsy. Well as I has said in the previous post on the community, I did contact her through her Etsy account and she was very excited to be commissioned to do another Sailor Moon bag as it was one of her favorites! She could not believe the response she got to the bags from the original pair that I had posted and was equally thrilled to do another.

I have eagerly awaited what was in store for my own fabric as it is a surprise for the final color selection-- just let TeenaBee do her thang, she knows what she is doing! As I had promised, here is an update and some pictures of my own bag that just came in the mail today!! I had to move this post to my own journal because even though the old post was allowed in SMCollector -- apparently this collection update one was not due to the fact is a customized bag even though it is with the official fabric.

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I cannot sing enough praise for TeenaBee! Thank you so much for adding this beautiful piece to my collection!!!